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Pre Exisiting Exclusions - A Guide to Health Insurance

Health insurance companies often discourage consumers shopping for affordable health plans to buy medical insurance. Since many companies might either decline or rate up policies if an insured is going to seek medical care right after getting approved, it can be costly to try and buy insurance before your planning a major surgery. Waiting to buy health insurance until you get sick might might not even cover your pre-existing condtion.

Since many companies impose a pre-existing exlcusion period, if you have a medical problem which exists at the time you enroll in or purchase your health insurance, the insurance company will deny all claims pertaining to this medical problem for a certain period of time. Additionally, temporary health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.

If you have employed medical insurance, the pre-existing condition exclusion period is limited to 12 months (18 months if you are a late enrollee) and only applies to conditions for which you sought treatment in the 6 months leading up to enrollment. If you've have a previous employed sponsored plan, cobra coverage or an individual/famly helathcare plan, you may be able to apply that creditable coverage to offset your pre-existing condition exclusion period.

Ultimately, rules amongst insurers vary from state to state, which is why it's important to compare multiple insurance providers and their policies. Requesting quotes from numerous health insurance providers will help you learn about their pre-existing exlclusion periods.